Hollow Core Panels

Both General Precast Concrete Ltd and Ballut Blocks Ltd can manufacture a wide range of hollow core concrete panels capable to span up to 28.0m

These are fabricated in high strength concrete with different wire arrangement depending on the loading requirements. Safe load tables are being attached for your perusal

Precast Columns

These are manufactured in metal moulds normally to the required length and will include all the necessary reinforcement, proprietary fixings to bases, corbels to take precast or prestressed beams and any required connections for future extensions.

Precast Beams

Beams can be either precast or prestressed and are manufactured according to the required design. Various types of beams can be manufactured including inverted T beams and L beams, rectangular beams and also long span Bridge I Sections.

Double Walls

These consist of two factory produced reinforced concrete slabs with a core of in-situ concrete in between. The two slabs are normally 5cm thick and are connected by means of lattice girders. The precast slabs and cast in-situ concrete act like a monolithically produced concrete reinforced wall. Further reinforcement can be placed either in the precast slabs or in the in-situ concrete.

Proprietary Fixings

Proprietary fixings are mainly used in our precast system. These include column shoes, anchor bolts and pc corbels. Column shoes allow moment stiff extensions and connections between prefabricated columns and foundations. Anchor bolts are used as overlapping bolts in precast columns and as foundation bolts. PCs corbel system is designed to support steel, composite and reinforced concrete beams, to reinforced concrete columns and walls.

Delta Beams

Delta beams are hollow welded steel beams with lateral perforations at the sides. These are designed to be filled with concrete after the precast floor hollow core panels are placed in position on the top of the flange. A very shallow structure provides freedom for all kinds of space needed below the floor. Floor zones are drastically reduced especially when head rooms are a critical factor. Delta beams can be used with thin shell and hollow core slabs, light weight precast concrete element and in-situ casting. Further information can be obtained on

Other Precast Elements

Other precast elements can be produced to suit the client’s requirements. These include stairs, windows, façades, precast vaults and more.

Other Services:

  • Architectural Concrete
  • Insulated Wall Panels


Further information can be obtained by contacting our office either by telephone, fax or through email.